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Publish Your Design Book

Writing a good design book can be very helpful to you and to your business. Established designers, talented artists and prominent architects publishes designs books in order to position themselves as experts in their fields; to gain both credibility as well as new clients and jobs. A good design book will complement and supplement your current design business, helping you achieve both publicity and marketing for your work.


Benefits of Publishing a Design Book and becoming a designer with a book includes but not limited to:

  1. Authority: Position yourself as an expert in design.
  2. Reach: Gain visibility and attract new design clients.
  3. Trust: Achieve credibility and respect.
  4. Sales: Convert prospects into design clients easier.
  5. Publicity: Media reviews and features.
  6. Jobs: New design projects or design consultancy.
  7. Marketing: Sell your designs or design services to new audiences.
  8. Branding: Push your business forward in an intellectual way.
  9. Career: Improve your biography.
  10. Promote: Highlight your brightest ideas and work.

We have a special service at Designer Press that can help you write and publish your book on design in order to promote your design business. Our offer is helping you for writing and publishing a coffee book, i.e. a beautiful hardcover book with highly pictorial content that features your design work and portfolio preferably categorized into design subjects or focusing on niches and markets. Pages of your design book will consist mainly of photographs and illustrations, accompanied by captions and small blocks of text explaining your design work. It usually takes several months from start to finish in order to get a very good hardcopy of the book in your hands, ready for demonstrating to your clients, prospects and guests.


Our turn-key service for significantly helping you prepare and publish your design book costs 6.000 Euros, paid in 6 installments of 1.000 Euro for six months and includes the following:

  1. We will be your publisher.
  2. We will design the cover.
  3. We will design the layout.
  4. We will design the structure.
  5. We will provide an ISBN number.
  6. We will register the book.
  7. We will advertise your book.
  8. We will translate the book into Italian.
  9. We will provide a review of the book.
  10. We will provide cataloging details.
  11. We will help you eventually sell your book.
  12. We will prepare a draft of the book.
  13. We will print an example book.
  14. We will proof-read the book.
  15. We will get editorial comments.
  16. We will provide content suggestion
  17. We will suggest a good title.

Your book will help you gain new clients and it will help turn design inquiries into jobs. By publishing a design book, you will make your existing clients proud; and you will gain competitive advantage over other design business owners when capturing new clients through the expertise, credibility and trust provided by your book. The recognition you gain from getting a design book published could boost visibility for your business or brand, increasing customers and sales. By writing and publishing your book, you will position yourself as an expert which is similar to becoming a celebrity. Design business aside, you will gain the admiration of colleagues, friends and family.

Writing a book is perhaps one of the few things that you could imagine to find in the top layers of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as it involves creativity, problem solving, confidence, self-esteem, respect of others and respect by others. Writing a book is a great satisfaction and a memory that will always be yours.


Designer Press is actively looking for mid to high-age designers, artists and architects with an established design business who wishes to promote their names and their brands via a design book that presents their best ideas, good design work and insights. However, please kindly note that, before we could accept to design and publish your book, you must be an award winning designer with extraordinary examples of good work with proper presentation, renderings or photography. Furthermore, you must have abundant design work (in order to create a beautiful book with many good projects) as well as wisdom and experience which gives us and you the ability to talk and explain your design work.  If your work is good and if you wish to promote your design business by positioning yourself as an expert in your design field you must right now send us an email at  just say us your name and perhaps write “Hi, I want to publish a design book” and we will reply fast. Alternatively, to start publishing your book right away, simply pay the first installment from this link or click the buy now button below and we will definitely get back to you lighting fast.


If you do not have enough number of works, or if you are an editor for example, you might as well curate a thematic design book; i.e. you could bring together several designers and we will publish a thematic book that covers the collective work.


Contact us for ideas.


E-Book 160 Pages
Language English
Editor Onur Mustak Cobanli

29.95 €

100 Chair Designs #1

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